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Advancing the Future of Work

About us

Our Background

Applos Technologies is the in-house research center for Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. For over 40 years, Bartell & Bartell has invested in the research and design of cutting edge leadership and organizational technologies. In 2015, to continue this research, Bartell formalized Applos Technologies as its internal “research lab”. The purpose of Applos is to serve as a dedicated group within Bartell focused on creating new technologies and tools Bartell can use to help clients unleash their full organizational potential.


What we do

Really, it’s all in the name. Applos stands for: APPlied Organizational Science – and that’s what we do. The mission of Applos is to explore how organizations work, and to then apply what we learn to help companies, and their people, flourish. To do this we are dedicated to researching and advancing the fields of orgopathy and organizational science. Through exploration into organizational processes and dynamics, we are working to discover new ways to improve and optimize organizational health.  

We like to say we’re “demystifying the people side of business.” But don’t worry, this isn’t touchy feely stuff. This is about data. People data. We want businesses to better understand how they can get the most from their people – and to help people understand how to get the most from their work. Together, we want to help businesses achieve greater performance and success, and assist people in doing work that they love.


Bartell + Applos

Bartell & Bartell and Applos make a great team. While Applos explores how organizations work to find answers to organizational problems, Bartell & Bartell takes the findings from Applos and turns them in solutions that clients can use to improve their performance. This partnership allows for new discoveries to quickly be applied to the market and provide value. Together, Bartell and Applos work together to address business challenges and help our clients succeed.

Our Work

A few things we’re exploring – and want to explore next


Attrition Prevention

What caused your star employee to leave? More importantly, how could you have predicted it long before it happened – and prevented it?  Many factors go into causing an employee to leave, and it varies for each person and every company. It’s a complex issue. That’s why we’re creating new methods of measuring what leads to Attrition – so you can prevent it before it happens.


Effective Remote Work

It’s pretty clear – remote work is going to have a big impact on the future of work. Already, 43% of people work remotely at some point each week, and that number is increasing every year. This will be a tremendous boon for business – opening up unlimited options for talent and brand new markets. It will also be a tremendous challenge. Teams are essential to getting work done (it’s why businesses started in the first place) and remote work puts literal distance between them.  How do you make sure your team is connected, motivated, and productive – both when they are across the hall, and across the country? That’s what we want to solve.


Predictable Selection

Hiring shouldn’t be like rolling the dice, but more often than not it is. With a myriad of variables to line up between the role, candidate, manager, team, company, and greater environment, it’s no wonder there is often a mismatch that leads to decreased performance. The solution is accurate information – about the candidate and your own company. Without this data, you will only be guessing at who to hire. That’s why we are continually developing in-depth assessments and diagnostics to give your company the right information to select the best candidate for the job, every time.


Leadership Training

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made. But that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to build a company full of great leaders. Most leadership training programs today lack impact – and new “leaders” don’t act any different. We’re changing that through creating innovative and transformational training (actually Conditioning). Using science based practices, we are creating programs that build leadership muscle memory and make leadership skills second nature – not just something in a book.


Our Team

Who are we? We’re a combination of programmers, economists, OD experts, statisticians, psychologists, and some of your run of the mill polymaths. Some have said we’re “unique.” We think we’re down right odd… But we make a great team, and that’s what matters.

Are you a bit odd and have a penchant for changing the way the world works? You just might fit in. Drop us a line below. We’re always looking for great people.

Want to see what we do in action?